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SP Flash Tool as in Smart Phone Flash Tool is a computer application that makes it possible for you to flash Stock ROM Firmware or Custom recovery on MediaTek Android devices. It is a very important tool, as well as powerful for MediaTek Android flash, backing all the alternatives for MediaTek ROM.

Sp Flash Tool Download

However, using SP Flash Tool is not easy, you have to be very careful and pay attention to what you are about to read, otherwise you will end up harming your device. The SP Flash Tool is supported by both Windows and Linux: any Windows OS on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, as well as Linux 64 bit, although it might run the executable, permitting it to run on OS X. Downloading SP Flash Tool will bring plenty of benefits to the system. What you need to know about it you will read in what follows.

SP Flash Tool (Smart Phone Flash Tool) Key Features

There are a few key features for all of you out there who want to acquire the SP Flash Tool:

Download SP Flash Tool (Smart Phone Falsh Tool) All Versions - Direct Download Links

You can download the SP Flash Tool here on this page, choosing the version you desire. As you will see, it comes in different tool refresh upgrades, addressing the various choices of the users. The suggestion is to download the latest version:

Either way, the app is still free, strong in settings and steady. But as a desktop program supported on both Windows and Linux operating systems, the correct drivers must be installed. At the moment there is no support yet for SP Flash APK, so beware of false content/advertise that could damage your device. Follow our download links and everything will work accordingly.

Why Should You Download Sp Flash Tool? Is it safe to install SP Flash Tools?

The first reason why you should install the SP Flash Tool is because it is safe for all users. It is also free and the best suggestion for MediaTek Android Chipset.You will have to follow a few instructions in order to properly install the SP Flash Tool on your computer. Sometimes it may crush, however, this is not an important issue, as it will not harm your PC. It is just a normal occurrence. If it happens all you have to do is close the application and restart it.

Key Instructions before using the Smart Phone Flash Tool

Before downloading and installing the SP Flash Tool, make sure that you:

Backup your device – this is of high importance because while the flashing process occurs, your personal data will be forever removed.

Know about Warranty void on your smartphone – be careful not to confuse Custom ROM with Stock ROM, as Stock ROM would never void the warranty of your smartphone. If you are flashing any Custom ROM on your Android smartphone using the SP Flash Tool, then it may void your phone warranty.

Imperative for acquiring the SP Flash Tool are the following:

How to use SP Flash tool - Step By Step Instructions

Now that we have gone through a few important matters, what comes next is that you will find out exactly how to flash Stock ROM or any other custom by using SP Flash Tool. If you wanted step-by-step instructions, then here you have them:

Step 1 Power Off your Android Smartphone, (but keep in mind that the battery should be at about 40 or 50%).

andorid power off sp flash tool

Step 2 The second step consists in downloading the Stock ROM/Custom ROM that you will flash on the Android smartphone, and then extract it on your PC.

Step 3 Then, download and install on your computer the USB drivers for the Android. Continue with downloading and then extracting the SP Flash Tool on your PC.

sp flash tool apk

Step 4 Now you have got to the point where you have to open Flash_tool.exe, and, after you launch the SP Flash Tool you need to press the “Download” tab.

Step 5 Once in the “Download” tab, you can now press on the button that is scatter-loading. And after that, click on the button that is scatter-loading in the “Download” tab.

sp flash tool sactter file

Step 6 In order to now begin the process of flashing, you must press the “Download” button.

sp flash tool download

Step 7 You have reached the step where you have to connect your smartphone to your PC with the help of the USB cable. After doing so, you must click on “Volume Down” or “Volume Up”so that your smartphone can be identified.

Step 8 And after that step is also concluded, a green ring will appear near the MTK Flash Tool, disconnecting your smartphone from your PC.

sp flash tool download ok

Step 9 Now, in the end, close the SP Flash Tool on your computer and disconnect your device from the computer.

Developer Credits

SP Flash Tool has frequent updates available as per Users Requirement, as well as updated technology. All the credit goes to MediaTek for all the improvements and giving users a chance to download the incredible SP Flash Tool for free.